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We are committed to maximizing the "safety and security" of our customers with our brakes. We are specialized in disc brakes, and we are continuing to develop electric brake systems. At present, we have our product line as below: Brake Caliper, Repair Kit, Control Element, Electric Parking Brake, Caliper Piston, Brake Accessories, Disc Brake Kit, Drum Brake Kit and so on.

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Brake Discs

Brake discs are found on the front wheels of the vehicle, though some cars come with them on all four wheels, an option available to customers looking to upgrade. The role of the brake disc is to bring the car to a stop when pressure to the brakes is applied, so it’s clearly a crucial component. Brake discs work intrinsically with other brake parts, specifically the brake pads, rotor and caliper, converting the kinetic energy into heat generated by the friction caused by the pads and the disc and bringing the car to a stop.

Tacoma offers a range of branded brake products including vented disk brakes which are designed to allow for cooling. It’s very important that your brake discs are designed so as not to encourage overheating, otherwise your brake performance will be drastically affected. Standard disc brakes in modern cars are usually made with a single-piston floating caliper, but there are other options available.


Brake Pads

The braking system is made up of several different parts, and brake pads is one of the key components. The brake pad is the part that makes contact and applies pressure and friction to the rotors. As a result the brake pads take a lot of strain whenever you bring your car to a stop and so need to be monitored regularly in order to avoid braking problems later on. There’s no such thing as a pair of brake pads that will last forever, so make sure that you have them replaced as soon as they start to wear out. It’s advised that you keep to the big name brands that Tacoma has in stock in order to avoid low quality products. There are various kinds to choose from, all of which have specific benefits to be fitted to certain kinds of vehicles. For example, ceramic brake pads are handy for SUVs and towing vehicles.


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Because we believe a happy customer is our best advertising. It’s not rocket science; if you just work on hiring good solid people, if you’re friendly, honest and turn out quality work, everything else takes care of itself. At Tacoma Plus you’ll always be greeted by a clean, knowledgeable attendant ready to make your experience as pleasant as possible.


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